• Promoted ballot initiatives for our community for 4A, 4B and 4C
  • Supported an Independent Consultant to investigate Culture and Climate at SSHS 
  • Created an ongoing Culture and Climate Taskforce for SSHS 
  • Successfully implemented and delivered the bond projects on time and under budget during a pandemic
  • Successfully maintained consistent in-person learning for 2020-2021 during a challenging time in the midst of a pandemic 
  • Safely and successfully operated during COVID-19 while appropriately adjusting accordingly
  • Initiated the renewal of the district Mission, Vision and Strategic Planning
  • Supported implementation for Professional Learning Community (PLC) time by increased days for Professional Development 
  • Guided district curriculum alignment K-12
  • Adjusted to pandemic budget changes to support safety, successful operations and academic and programming needs 
  • Proactively prioritized academic evaluations, supports and recovery to meet the needs of our students because of COVID-19 impacts
  • Supported the pursuit of grants for student mental health staff


  • Addressing Covid-19 learning and social/emotional gaps through data analysis, staffing and programming.
  • Revisit and develop a shared mission, vision and strategic plan for the district that supports 21st century skills in critical thinking and creativity throughout each classroom which is currently in process now.
  • Ensure all students receive career and college preparation and support through staffing and programming that meets our students’ unique and individual needs.

Chresta Brinkman is running for the four-year term for Steamboat Springs School Board. She has a strong belief in the value of education and is passionate about our community. The Brinkmans and their four children moved to Steamboat Springs in 2010. The children are currently at Soda Creek Elementary, Steamboat Springs Middle School and Steamboat Springs High School. Brinkman has extensive experience as a parent and professional with Individualized Family Service Plans (IFSP), Individualized Education Programs (IEP), Advance Learning Plans (ALP) and 504s. 

“I have the experience and background to understand how our policy is translated into practice and how that impacts our individual students. I will continue to be dedicated to maintaining a balanced perspective as I approach my role on the school board and meeting the needs of our entire district and community.” – Chresta Brinkman

Brinkman has been an active member of the Parent Information Committee (PIC) in all three schools and served as the PIC President for several years at SCE. She has served on the Challenge Fund and been a committee member on the Steamboat Springs School Accountability Committee (SAC) and the Steamboat Springs School District Accountability Committee (DAC). The last two years she has served as a director for the Steamboat Springs School Board.


“The most rewarding experience in all of these roles is that I have met and developed relationships with many of the staff, teachers and administrators in our district.” -Chresta Brinkman

Brinkman has experience working with children for over twenty years. Starting as a daycare teacher then on to a paraprofessional for kids with pervasive developmental needs, to a teacher in the Poudre School District. It is here where she developed a K-6 program for kids who had Moderate Special Needs. The needs of the students that she worked with ranged from children who had learning, pervasive developmental, affective and psychological needs. She has spent over ten years as a Unilateral Hearing Loss Parent-Guide-by-Your-Side with Colorado Hands & Voices. She provides support and advocacy for families who have children with Unilateral Hearing Loss and Microtia Atresia throughout the state of Colorado. She assists families with financial, medical, professional, educational and emotional support as well as providing parent-to-parent support as parents of children who are deaf and hard-of-hearing.


“I have a particular interest in meeting the needs of the whole child for traditional and non-traditional students alike. This lens shapes how I work with the board to make our district exceptional in both student outcomes while addressing a whole child approach.” – Chresta Brinkman

Brinkman’s in-depth work with education based committees and groups has helped her to understand the unique challenges facing our district.




Bachelor of Arts | May 1997 | University of Kansas
Major: Psychology
Master of Arts | May 2002 | University of Northern Colorado
Major: Moderate Needs Special Education
Related Coursework: Early Childhood and Severe Affective Special Education


Volunteer Experience

Steamboat Springs School District

  • Soda Creek Elementary classroom volunteer, Parent Information Committee (PIC) President, Committee Chairs and Volunteer: 2010 to present
  • Challenge Fund Committee Member
  • Steamboat Springs Middle School and PIC Volunteer: 2015 to present
  • Steamboat Springs High School PIC and Drama Troupe Volunteer: 2018 to present
  • Steamboat Springs School Accountability Committee Member (SAC)
  • Steamboat Springs School District Accountability Committee Member (DAC)
  • Steamboat Springs School District Strategic Planning Participation
  • Steamboat Springs School District Master Planning Forum and Focus Group Participation
  • CC4E Participation
  • Steamboat Springs School District Site Visit Participant
  • Junior Achievement Volunteer
  • Referendum 2B Campaign Team Volunteer


    Current Board & Community Involvement

    • Junior Achievement of Colorado Board Member
    • BookTrails Board Member
    • Historic Hayden Granary Board Member
    • Holy Name Pastoral Council Board Member
    • Junior Achievement Volunteer
    • United Way Tocqueville Society Member
    • Unilateral Hearing Loss Parent Ambassador | Colorado Hands & Voices | 2009 to present
    • Understanding, Observing and Responding to Child Abuse and Neglect (O.U.R.) Children’s Safety Project Core Team
    • OUR Children VOOK Club Facilitator 2016 to present
    • CCTSI Community Partnership Grant with the University of Colorado and Colorado Hands & Voices for Unilateral Hearing Loss 2017 * 2018
    • Experience supporting and advocating for families who have children on (as a parent and professional):
      – Individualized Family Service Plans (IFSP)
      – Individualized Education Programs (IEP)
      – Advanced Learning Plans (ALP)
      – 504s
    • Severe Affective Needs Teacher | Poudre School District | 2002 to 2004